Team Exceed

Team Of Expert Coaches

Our leading experts will be guiding you personally.

Josh Tannian (Founder + Co-Owner)

It’s my vision to impact as many people as we possibly can. Exceed to me bridges the gap between people wanting to get
amazing results and getting people there. We provide the best environment and service possible to ensure the best possible
space and experience for all our members.

Leon Lynch (Founder + Co-Owner)

As someone who started at the bottom of the ladder in the fitness industry over 10 years ago, shadowing other more
experienced PT’s, working with teams, creating bespoke gym training plans, working with clients with all forms of injuries and illnesses to now owning and operating my own successful personal training business, I have been there and done it all in terms of fitness coaching. Helping others and encouraging “HIGH-PERFORMANCE LIVING” is my passion. That’s health, wellbeing, fitness, mental health, performance, attitude, and mindset. I believe in coaching each and every client specifically to their goals and ability. No stone left unturned. My client’s goals are
my goals. I try to motivate people to excel, not only in their training but in life. If you can push your body to the limits in
training then you are capable of anything life throws at you.

Jordan O Connor (Manager)

As manager of Exceed Fitness, with nearly a decade of experience in the industry, I have the knowledge to help you achieve
the results you desire, no matter what the goal. I will give you the tools to get long-term, and more importantly sustainable
results. I believe in educating you to give you a better understanding of training, nutrition, and overall to live a healthier and
happier lifestyle. I specialise in functional training and sports performance.

Kayla Mc Donnell (Front of House)

As ‘Front Of House’, I Am Here To Make Sure That Everyone Feels As Comfortable And Happy As Possible While Training Here
With Us. It Is My Job To Solve Any Issues Or Queries That You May Have. Any PT Enquiries Will Be Dealt With By Me. I Will Help
You Choose Which PT Package Will Be Best Suited To You While Keeping In Mind Your Own Specific Goals.

Alan O Mahony (Head Trainer)

With just over 8 year’s experience in the fitness industry, I have helped hundreds of clients achieve their fitness goals. As the
head trainer at exceed fitness, my passion keeps growing to help people change their lives in the simplest and most realistic ways possible. I believe that getting fit and healthy does not have to be difficult and I always do my utmost not only to coach my clients to reach their full potential both physically and mentally, but I also educate them throughout their fitness journey.

Tiffany Depuis (Head of sales and marketing)

I Want To Give Our Customers The Very Best And Bring My Love Of Digital And Passion For The Customer Experience To Our
Ever-Growing And Expanding Company.

Dylan Church (Trainer)

Whether your goal is to step into the gym for the first time or achieve optimal results, I’m here to make that vision a
reality.Coaching isn’t just about training and nutrition…It’s about creating a healthy lifestyle, finding balance and structure. It’s
about building character, developing a healthy mindset, and gaining confidence. It’s about overcoming obstacles and
challenges and finding inspiration to exceed your goals. Most importantly it’s about enjoying the journey to becoming the best version of yourself. These are the fundamentals I live by and provide nothing less for my clients.

Shane Surgey (Trainer)

I have always had a real drive and passion for fitness and well-being for as long as I can remember. Personally, I’ve always
tried to better myself physically and mentally. I strive to help people overcome their obstacles and empathize using my own journey and experience through my own obstacles and also the journeys I have witnessed firsthand in life. As every person, I work with is an individual I learn something new from each one every day. Let’s start your journey on the right foot and create changes and practices in your life that will stand to you both now and in the future.